Realigning areas

How could things be better? This question is most likely every managers’ permanent concern. It is not at all guaranteed that they will find the best answer, although they would have to prove it. Three central questions guide us in this respect: How can we find the most suitable structure for the specific environment? How can the widely spread knowledge be used in such a way that it does not stuck? How can I consider the implementation right from the very start? We work on this with you – very solution-focused!

  • Strategic department development
  • Redesigning personnel departments
  • Clarificiation of interfaces
  • Matrix structure with power


Mission statement development

This is the core and essence from which everything emerges and from which the organisation draws its meaning and strength from: the creation and further development of the vision and mission for the company or for specific areas. This is like the open (system) heart surgery and should only be performed by experienced surgeons. We at C/O/N/E/C/T/A come with a wealth of experience coupled with a steady hand the necessary instruments.

  • Developing an image from the realistically ideal future
  • Making a connection to what is existing and securing transformation
  • The power of the picture is made up of many mosaic pieces.


Company conferences

Annual conferences or “retreats” as we say in Austria, are wonderful places to create and cultivate a desired “spirit”. Our view of content, social and organisational/cultural components make it possible to generate a fresh drive in order to achieve what is at stake. It goes without saying that humour should not be neglected ;-). Possible focal points could be:

  • Stimulate innovation
  • Deepening and changing cooperation
  • Focusing the tasks
  • Optimisation of processes


Strategy development

Most managers are familiar with strategy development from annual planning cycles, where the business plan for the following year is developed with a strong financial impetus, or from medium to long-term strategic planning. Mostly the PowerPoint slides from last year are used here and slightly updated. These slides and meetings usually do not shine with creativity and innovation. The general conditions, customers, competitors, markets are changing rapidly not only due to the disruptive digital transformation and are causing many proven business models to fluctuate. The development of strategies and business fields is a future- and survival- securing activity and deserves a high degree of attention and perhaps, sometimes also unconventional, systemic approaches.

  • Systemic startegy development approach
  • Development of coherent corporate, divisional, sectoral or departmental strategies
  • Creative, innovative strategy development workshops