Mathias Weyrer, Mag.


T: +43 664 161 90 34


  • Advising management teams (team development, management performance, improving the efficiency of meetings, communication and decision making)
  • Designing and implementing management concepts, management tools, mission statements   and strategy
  • Setting up and steering change projects
  • Intervening in conflict situations
  • Training for potential and skills development for executives, professionals and consultants (design, management and implementation of programmes to promote leadership, social and technical skills)
  • Potential analysis and career advice for executives (opinions, development of potential, advice both before and after career moves)
  • Coaching for  executives, trainers and consultants (definition of role, dealing with difficult situations, preparation for negotiations and presentations, life and career, self-management, work-life balance, burn out, stress and time management


  • Managing Partner for C/O/N/E/C/T/A since 1996
  • Lecturer at the Technical University, Graz (Career Management) since 2007
  • Trainer at incite GmbH for academic business consultants (GCP) since 2005
  • 10  years as training manager, project leader, trainer and consultant at Hernstein Institut, Vienna
  • 2 years as executive assistant for a non-profit organisation
  • Authorised transactional analyst (CTA) for organisations
  • Training in system theory and supervision
  • Studied social and economic science with special focus on business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, and the University of Innsbruck


  • Born in Innsbruck in 1957. Married with 3 daughters
  • Professional training and personal interest in bioenergetics, group dynamics, systemic organisational configurations, non violent communication driven by personal interest
  • Interested in modern art and sport


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