Fields of Work

Live Leadership

Leadership in the sense of “achieving a directed effect in and with social systems” is best learned through concrete action, trials, experimentation.

Developing organisations

How could things be better? This question is most likely every managers’ permanent concern. It is not at all guaranteed that they will find the best answer, ...

Cooperate as a team

The typical thing about this approach is that the focus should be on everything that does not directly affect business.

Mastering change

Change has become an everyday topic. And change management is today a natural tool for well-trained managers. It is precisely here, however, that a many serious mistakes are still being made.

Professionalise consulting

It becomes more apparent time and time again that managers, executives, project managers, technical experts, personnel developers and other role bearers in organisations, demand competency enhancement with regards to professional consulting.

Develop role competence

Here you will find a selection of seminars and workshops that we hold in companies



Universitätskurs Systemische Beratung

2 Semester berufsbegleitender, universitär zertifizierter Universitätskurs Systemische Beratung... more

When: 14.3. bis 11.11. 2022
Where: Graz